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A clarion call to fellow Indians to come together in support of our marginal farmers.

Interest free loans for farmers

Not poverty, not monsoon delays, not our apathy - nothing has proved to be as deadly for our marginal farmers as the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not only undone their livelihoods but has also put their lives on the line. For the first time in Rang De's journey, we are extending interest free loans to marginal farmers to enable them to tide over this extraordinary crisis.

We're so grateful for the overwhelming response to this initiative. As you will appreciate, the process of onboarding farmers is time-consuming, but we are working really hard to disburse the funds as soon as we can. Needless to say, the need for credit among farmers is massive and urgent, so please do keep your social investments coming.

Funds raised

Since 1st September 2019

6 hours ago, our social investor Altaf Hussain invested Rs.1,000
7 hours ago, Priyanka Singh from New Delhi Municipal Council invested Rs.10,000
7 hours ago, our social investor Himanshu Aggarwal invested Rs.5,000
10 hours ago, Hitesh Lalwani from Nagpur invested Rs.5,000
15 hours ago, our social investor Himanshu Aggarwal invested Rs.5,000


Since 1st September 2019

₹6,80,66,100 has been disbursed to 4193 farmers so far
11 hours ago, Rs.2,500 was disbursed to Birabar Pradhan from Ganjam.
11 hours ago, Rs.2,500 was disbursed to Barun Malik from Ganjam.
11 hours ago, Rs.2,500 was disbursed to Nilanchala Jani from Ganjam.
11 hours ago, Rs.5,000 was disbursed to Surendra Jani from Ganjam.
11 hours ago, Rs.5,000 was disbursed to Sukanti Jani from Ganjam.

How it works?


Commit funds that you want to invest in farmers


We invest your funds in farmers seeking credit


We notify you when investments are made

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Join your fellow Indians Barnita, Vinayak, and Gayathri to support farmers.

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Farmers funded

Farmers in need receive their loans soon after their application is processed.


Spread the word

Our farmers are going to need all the support they can get.

Join me and other fellow Indians to support our marginal farmers.

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Be the lifeline your farmer needs. Because we’re all in this together.

#InvestInFarmers #InterestFreeLoans #RangDeIndia

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Invest in people who ensure food security for all of us. Invest in our farmers.

#InvestInFarmers #InterestFreeLoans #RangDeIndia

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Frequently asked questions

How do you identify the farmers in need of credit?

We are working with a network of credible impact partners who work with marginal farmers to identify those who are in most urgent need of credit. This initiative will only cover marginal farmers who grow food grains, fruits, and vegetables, and will not include dairy farmers.

How much of my investments are going to the farmers?

100% of your investments go straight to the farmer, in fact directly to their bank accounts. There are no deductions, processing fees, fine print, or hidden charges.

Is it safe to lend to farmers?

All Peer to Peer loans on Rang De platform are unsecured, in line with the Reserve Bank of India directions. Farmers who are receiving interest free loans as part of this initiative are supported and backed by credible impact partners. While we cannot guarantee repayments, you can be assured that we follow a stringent process to identify people who are in real need and have the potential to repay.

What purposes are the loans for?

The loans will be disbursed as post-harvest credit, to enable farmers to store their grains safely and sell them at the right time. This will help avoid distress sales. We are also reaching out to farmers who need access to credit for inputs or for processing perishables.

What is the tenure of the loan?

The tenure of the loan will vary from a month to a year depending on the purpose of the loan and the circumstance in the local community.

How will the funds be disbursed?

Your funds will be disbursed directly into the farmer’s bank account soon after their application is processed.

How will I be repaid?

You will be repaid in one single repayment at the end of the loan tenure. Farmers could also prepay in between. This amount will be credited to your Rang De account. You can then choose to reinvest in other farmers or withdraw the funds.

How can I track how my funds are being used?

Every time your funds are invested in a farmer, you will receive an email notification about the same. You will also be able to track the progress and the status of repayments through your Rang De dashboard.

Why interest free loans?

Traditionally, Rang De loans are provided at really low interest rates. However, in these extraordinary circumstances, we decided to make our loans for farmers entirely interest free. This will help them tide over the immediate liquidity crunch and not burden them with any interest on the loan. Our farmers are not looking for handouts but just a helping hand at the moment.

What’s in it for Rang De?

Rang De was started with a mission to provide affordable credit to communities who have been denied credit. Our loans are customised based on individual needs. Individuals like you have been investing in fellow Indians through our platform. Our interest free loans initiative is an extraordinary initiative in response to the current crisis.

Who are your impact partners?

We have partnered with a network of credible organisations who work with marginal farmers. They include Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Harsha Trust, Action for Social Advancement, WASSAN and BAIF.

Which states are the farmers from?

We will be supporting farmers from the following states: Punjab, Sikkim, Tripura, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. We are actively working to extend this initiative to support marginal farmers across India.