Gopal Sundararaman
Gopal Sundararaman
Gopal Sundararaman
Gopal Sundararaman
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Gopal Sundararaman

Solution Architect at Infor | Politics, Running, Reading, community engagement

Joined September 2019

2,300 is the amount invested.

Why do I believe in Rang De?
Rang de provides oppotunities for people - farmers and small businesses who would have no way of getting access to affordable capital . By helping people stay in their homes in rural India and providing opporunities would help develop India in an inclusively and prevent force migrations to urban areas where they live in abject conditions.

My vision for India
An India with a true freedom of speech, where everyone has access to food, education and heatlhcare and not just for middle class and rich, a country that not just cares but institutes policies to safeguard its poor and downtrodden population

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Lives impacted



Gopal's social investment has impacted 7 lives across states and collectives in India.

Collectives invested by Gopal:


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Regional diversity



Gopal has invested in 3 states across different collectives in India.

States invested by Gopal:

Madhya Pradesh

Tamil Nadu


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Days of Livelihood created



Gopal has facilitated 37 days of livelihood for investees helping their ends meet.

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First time borrowers



Gopal has invested in 3 first time borrowers and enabled them to start building credit histories.

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